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Quarantine Partner

By In the 20’s 47 Comments

He’s the 3rd person you’d call if in need for a loan; it would be a grant anyway. How can a man be so good? Of course he has interest, you know his type. Should he come clean you’d consider except he’s too boring; listening to him would be a good lullaby and his Subaru is better kept than his beards. He had invited you to his place earlier for a movie, sent a pin and uber money. Not that you forgot. Your intention is to reply at 1.15am saying, sorry, I slept off. His will be a case of eaten fare.

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By In the 20’s 206 Comments

Saturday afternoon. I’m at a baby shower. It’s in Ukambani. In this land, `if there is no colour, Kaos are not boarding’.

Look at mangoes, and melons.

So Yellow and blue as dress code, relieved someone did not suggest red and purple. Venue is at one of our friends’ house. We have organized this shower for 2months. It’s a surprise

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By Societal concerns 90 Comments

`I will always love you Shiru. And when we bear the fruits of our love, the kids, I will cherish them. I will be there from the beginning. We shall bring them up together in the ways of the Lord.

I promise to be a present husband (loooooonggggg pause)

and dad (loooooonggggg pause)

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Dear Carol

By Societal concerns 31 Comments

She had always wished to build a stone house for her parents.  A decent house, a cemented house, a house with a bathroom inside to avoid passing through the sitting room with a towel. One with a loo so they don’t have to urinate on Kasuku containers at night, or…

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By Business space 45 Comments

She hated greetings. She did not look forward to phone calls from her relatives and village mates; as a matter of fact, every time they called, she longed to receive and ask, how much? But she figured that in this era of Kilimani mums, one of her nieces (who is…

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By Long time ago 40 Comments

No. I would rather get out and wait for another Maruti. Haya, utazaa tu ata wewe. No response. Ama ununue gari yako uache kisirani. That was a conversation between a mother who was escorting her kids to school and bullying me into holding them and I. And by the way,…

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By Societal concerns 116 Comments

Buy me a ride, Nissan Auris 2010; I’m sick and bushed of using matatu. They are very noisy I cannot help, and, I’m not also safe while there in heels and the short skirts you love me in. Imagine, even texting using my new babe is impossible; they will steal…

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