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Once upon a time, not so long ago, Kenyans were stuck to their gadgets watching Glee the American musical comedy drama series. That time is gone as we now have our very own edition `groove theory’. It has some similarity with Glee but shows real stuff that happen in universities. What exactly is the 12-part series about?  Who are the casts? What’s the plot? Where do you get to watch it? Time to quench your thirst.


Do you know them?


It revolves around some personalities: Zamm, Ledama, Bryan, and Guy who believe that music is a die or live thing. They study at a private university known as Victoria University where music and arts are given a back seat as the main focus of the institution is Sciences. The stubborn ever present dean of students Mandell has rolled up his sleeves to ensure that that heritage is maintained and leave a legacy of running an organized campus.



According to the environment at hand, the talented group cannot just push through their music against the school’s culture. They go ahead and form a band known as the banned which I tend to think is symbolic. In efforts of students’ expression, they capitalize on the campus radio station which is hosted by Bryan and this sees Zamm’s removal from the campus choir headed by Mr Bori for trying to juice things up.



Zamm seems to face a million and one obstacles and it becomes difficult to keep up with his relationships including that with his girlfriend Bisquit. His old-fashioned father who is also a member of the board comes with generational pressure not forgetting her ever nosy kid sister Clarinet who is a silent obstacle.



The story line is fascinating, thought-provoking, spiced up with comedy, music and drama here and there to fully entertain the world. Also to note is the campus setting which was a brilliant idea. My pal jokes that we go to campus to grow in all ways, be it academically, socially, spiritually, emotionally, politically something brought out well by this series. Challenges is one element of success and without that, excellence is off the road and this is well appreciated by the series.



It is time we celebrated our very own content. This is a play by Kenyans who have rolled up their sleeves to take Kenyan entertainment to a completely new world of satisfaction. They are ambitious, determined and willing to see that this happens. Catch up on the Series at Zuku TV channel100 and let’s celebrate talent.


ION, have a great Thursday.

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