It is one of those cold mornings in Uasin Gishu County and my sincere wish is that my neighbor donates all his blankets. Since this is the closest I have been to impossible in terms of making wishes, my buddy suggests that I get myself a natural blanket AKA a mate, it’s one of the best strategies to assassinate cold. This gets me thinking; is it right, bizarre, wrong, disrespectful, equivocal, a biggie or else off-limits for a lady to turn the tables and approach a man?

I know we are not like our mothers and grandmothers. You know, unlike the times of our grannies who were humble, not pushy, submissive, and very passionate, this is the 21st century and gender roles hardly exist. Ladies can thus play the role men play, they say `what a man can do a woman can do it better’. But just before you say an Amen to that, I think to an extent we are not very equal due to some aspects here and there. I talked to a number of men and here is what I gathered as to why the lady is the crown jewel and it is upon a man to arise and strive for his prize.

1. Let a man be a man.
Truth be told, men don’t always know how to be men, I said ALWAYS. He may have the entire package, you know 6pack that resembles Sauti Sol’s, darkened complexion, nice choice of wardrobe and …….wait for it, TONED PHYSIQUE but why would you not let him approach you? If he wants you, he must be cooking something and he is just waiting for his food to get ready, serve hot and snag you. Besides, from the many girl talks I was Present In Action, being approached makes a lady feel like a woman in cloud nine.

2. You look desperate.
Ever been to a situation whereby a man wants to get laid so badly that his emotions grow into tears and he cries right in front of you hitherto you are not interested in engaging in the act? What picture do you draw of him? Pushy, desperate, aggressive, right? That’s the same picture he will derive from you once you decide to approach him.

3. Will you be the man now?
We all know the sequence of dating, but I will play as a reminder at this juncture. Usually, he shows interest, invites you for a date, opens the car’s door, pulls out the chair, et cetera et cetera. All these things do not go without, `hi, come on, ladies first’. So, imagine the lady does the approaching, will she lead on in all these? Ha ha, forgive my facetiousness/thinking but such a situation where a girl is the one leading on would be most appropriate in `cha mama cha baba’.

4. Is he that into you?
Ladies love with their hearts while men do it with their heads, I read that somewhere, just before someone enquires on where to get it from the Bible, on which chapter, verse and version. I have no idea. Anyway, most ladies who make a move normally have no clue on whether he is interested on her or not. From the reaction I got from men, they feel bad if not worse when their manhood is threatened. One of them said that even if a lady approached him and she happens to be Kim Kardashian’s look alike, or should we say Vera Sidika, he would be turned off instantaneously.

Well, that is what I gathered. The million dollar question is: in this 21st century, is it appropriate for a lady to approach the man he thinks could be Mr. Right, or should she chill out and possess the waiting skill?

Someone sambaza some blankets yawa.

The Unique Mumbi

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I smile a lot; let’s just say I am a smiling machine. I have never felt how it feels to have an English name; in that case, you can call me unique. Writing became part of me after my first and best heartbreak ever. Wasn’t this man an angel? Slow internet makes me want to scream, and cashew nuts love me too.

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