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You must have crossed lines in the streets of `mtandao’ otherwise; you do not belong to slay age and slayage. Her tall thin heels remind you of Science workbook and the page that showed types of beaks. She clarified they are called stilettos and heaven, you could not forget to…

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  Mum, can we talk? Mmmh. This must be something. You have FINALLY gotten the time to call. (Giggles) You know how tricky working in Nairobi can be. Wake up early, get to job, leave late and by the time I want to talk, it’s past your bedtime. Work son,…

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  We met. Coincidentally during the rush hour as I queued for the bus. I have no stomach for queuing but when the waves of economic hard times hit you harder than a cricket ball, there are no hates and hate nots. I was bored, tired, and top on the…

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  You believed you had it all figured out; you trusted your inner binoculars to see the future and the results? Yours would be a life of fish and chips; you would love unconditionally, pass exams squarely, pay tithe faithfully, build a home with a great view, have kids and…

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Loneliness; it is a Goliath; you could kill it with a staff, sling and stones. It has now become your designated companion; not even the funny whatsapp videos can steal it. It makes you cry, big fat tears that smear your heavy makeup. Jesus, even God saw that Adam was…

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