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which shoe will I pick??

which shoe will I pick??



If I was a great aficionado of Instagram, I would post a photo of me right now and you can be sure the print out of the hashtags would qualify to be a handout. Have you ever been excited? You know really really excited just because something you had wished for since time in memorial finally came to pass when you were just about to give up. I am not vividly describing that kind of excitement that you get when an mpesa message pops up….not the kind you get when the pregnancy results test negative….not even the kind you get after extending a handshake to His Excellency and thereafter taking a selfie with Eric Omondi… kind of excitement is on a whole new level. I could not wait for my ‘jogoo’ to alert me that morning has come so I share with you.

So I have been off and on for quite sometimes and I keep justifying myself that it is for reasons that you can never guess. It’s not that attachment takes up the better part of my day, not because I have side hustles after job, not because I am too tired to write, not because I have a hubby /fiancée to attend to, not because scandal and the empire keep me glued to the screen, it could because sleep is catching up with me but that’s just a by the road reason. It is not that I discovered a new hobby/talent; it’s just for a reason you cannot guess but will get to know in this very article, hold your horses a bit.

One of my big dreams have always been to be a media personality, most of the people in my inner circle know that. In fact, given a second chance to choose a course, nothing would beat a media related course. It’s just in me; not that I dislike what I do currently but we all have those if I was only given a second chance moment. Larry Madowo and Njoki Chege have always been my mentors in this; I can relate to anything they say or write about. Though Njoki is branded as a `controversial’ writer, to me she is among the few writers who say things as they are and are not people pleasers. What she writes if well decoded is the plain ugly truth and you know why readers get mad? Because the truth has this strong power to hurt. Kenya would be a better place if we had more Njoki’s, more Jicho Pevu episodes, people who have the interest of the country at hand and expose the truth. Larry Madowo is one of a kind and how he landed into journalism is a story I will narrate to my kids while passing the message that talent is the most paying job; I want to live by this too. If there is a piece from Larry that we all need to read is the one on why we do not need to be A Students to achieve success?  We need to appreciate that education is good but it is not the only key to life.

How I have beat around the bush to tell you the exciting news; do not swallow me. Now, I have always tried my luck to reach to Nation Media through sending them my articles, CV, showing interest in what they do, inboxing them, anything I could to increase chances of joining their staff. This has been my trend neither for 1, nor for 2, but for 4 good years and after exactly 4years 3months and 12hours, the long wait paid off. On 22nd of January after sending them the article of the `plight of undergraduates’, they replied for the first time, acknowledging the receipt of my article. This article was shared widely by a number of nation media personality something that alerted me that I was heading somewhere. One month later, they called me for an interview and I was grilled in the board room with questions but it was an awesome experience. I went for two more interviews last month and trust me it was tough but again a better experience. On 31st of March at 3.35pm, I received a call from them delivering the good news that I should report to their offices on 21st May as one of their staff. How the news reached my mentor Larry Madowo I have no idea and he gave me a call, yes Larry Madowo did give me a call, true caller could have lied but his voice convinced me that it was him indeed. He will host me on the trend on Friday as I talk about the plight of undergraduates. I cannot wait to be on national TV, featuring in the trend, God, I am gonna sleep with my shoes on. If you are a designer, I need your services, get me the best attire, inbox me on that. Now I cannot wait for Friday, that’s my excitement piece of cake, I cannot be thankful’ enough to God for expanding my territories. He says knock the door and it shall be opened unto you. You know this would not have happened were it not for you my readers, you are the people who keeps me going by reading my articles, sharing them, and encouraging me. For this reason, I want one of you to tag along with me as I feature on the trend. Sms today is fool’s day and I have just been fooled to 0714535246 if interested and who knows you could just get lucky lucky.

Happy new month.

Blessings and love.

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I smile a lot; let’s just say I am a smiling machine. I have never felt how it feels to have an English name; in that case, you can call me unique. Writing became part of me after my first and best heartbreak ever. Wasn’t this man an angel? Slow internet makes me want to scream, and cashew nuts love me too.

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