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Its Monday already!!!



Do you have a favorite song, movie, book, attire, or even meal? That song/movie you would replay, grow old and never grow tired of listening/watching. Yes, that one: whether you like it because that handsome guy is the starring or the between the sheets business excites you, maybe it has valuable lessons and were it not for it, French kissing would be a newbie.



On that meal, you keep wishing eating was your full time job and the salary was `pilau’ (your favorite meal).



I’m on that attire you like the best: the one you wear to every special occasion; it compliments your body, brings out the curves as heavenly, and you always take a photo in it, post on instagram and the notifications are overwhelming.



Yesterday got me a bit work-shy, and I began listening to my favorite song, and then replayed my favorite movie and that got me thinking DEEP. For a moment, I was thankful that there are people who are so passionate in what they do that they fine-tune it to the best not just for their own sake but to also benefit others. They pour all their energy into what they do.



You’ve probably been in a bus and suddenly a lady stands and begins advertising this product that will heal diabetes, prevent cancer, and those grave diseases. Her voice is so loud that it overtakes the music playing in those `nganyas’ and even the sleepy heads who couldn’t hear the conductor asking for fare are alert. The language she uses is so honeyed, convincing, and at some point you would think she is the product. Wait until she reads your mind, `wapensi, labda unafikiria dawa ninayo ongererea ni zile bandia zinazouzwa hapa pale, Ra hasha. Dawa niliyo nayo iko na stamp ya KEBS. (Lovers, maybe you think the medicine I’m talking about are those being sold here and there; No. mine has a KEBS stamp). That brings you back on track; she says that her medicine does not have side effects, and it goes for only 100 bob (the part that we all wait to hear). The medicine turns out to be a book with notes on how you should eat to prevent or heal what disease. Her language is so swaying that nearly everyone buys until she cannot meet the demand. I admire the energy of this lady; so passionate; very strategic; and very smart.




kenyan L


Many of us though just do things for the sake of doing. There is nothing extra we want to do to be the best and achieve our dreams. I’m on that case of this singer who started singing in 1999 (when I was in class one) before new millennium and up to this point, his music is not out there. He still sells 3albums on a good month and says pressure is for pumps. This person is no different from writers like me who believe can write and do nothing about it.



Development is like water; for you to survive in something, you ought to keep pace with development. Few moons back, accountants could do accounts manually but not anymore; someone developed softwares to help in that and to survive in the accounting profession; it’s inevitable to learn how to use them. Look at Sauti Sol; are they where they were when they started? They now have more traffic, better music, deeper pockets, Obama can dance to their music, and there is a mountain of development in their bodies (Hallo Bien, tell me you’re single*).


That’s what’s up. Conquer the world, develop your skills, be better than you were yesterday and don’t stop trying. You could be the country’s best software developer, tailor, chef, salonist; …see the bigger picture and give your best shot. Imagine you only had one chance, ONE SHOT to get a kid of your own. Who would be the mother/father? What style would you use between the sheets? How deep would it be? Would it be in the kitchen, on the floor, in your office desk? Where? How many plates of ugali would you eat prior? Ha ha. (Perversion intended). I can imagine how you would pour all your creativity to get that kid; that kind of energy will get us there.


Anyway, what’s your favorite movie?


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