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When my to-do list has limited options, fantasizing becomes a priority. For the sake of quenching your thirst on why the narrow selections, it’s raining heavily, there is a massive black out, my neighbor’s phone is off and he is not opening the door.

As my fantasy session proceeds, I am rudely interrupted by a reflection of a talk we had had with my girls; they spice up my days by the road. Our thoughts in a 3D dimension seemed to rotate around some recurring issues. You better upgrade, or is it top up, your appetite because it’s about time I fed you with awe-inspiring stuff.

1. Relationships.
At this age, ladies will think of their lovers, where is he? With who? Is he missing me? Why is he not replying? Did he enjoy the love making session?
The riding solo fraternity, (where I belong) will be reflecting on that crush, the traffic of men expressing concern, the date, why she is in the singles’ club, just to mention a few. We really build castles in the air and butterflies fill our stomachs as we await that date. This just puts across that we are no metal thing, he he.
Those in a FWB liaison, will be wondering when the contract is likely to end, whether the partner might have found someone better………
Ultimately, the lesbians would be thinking on the pick-up lines to use on that well packaged lady with an admirable sitting and chest allowance, of course depending on whether she is playing the man/lady role.

2. Looks.
I know Samba Mapangala in his song says, `uzuri wa mwanamke sio urembo ni tabia’. I love his songs, yes am that old school. Despite this phrase, a lady’s appearance is usually on top of her list in terms of thoughts. My hair is quite a bother at the moment and all am thinking is how to undo it. Recently, my pal had visitors (read bedbugs) in her room and they feasted on her to an extent that she had pimples all over her face. This affected her esteem that she had to board a taxi to hospital, just so that people could not pay much attention to her not so good looks then. Investing in a Beauty shop is among the most lucrative business around school and those entrepreneurs who discovered this can loudly proclaim that `uzuri wa mwanamke ni urembo na tabia’.

3. Of being a wife material.
Peer pressure is not just for the teens even our grannies can experience it. Most people have the disease of using the joke `wewe sasa umetosha mboga?’ merely interpreted as whether one is fit to be a wife. This constantly triggers the mind of ladies in the age bracket at hand especially as they perform activities. My pal was a tanker until her then boyfriend declared that he did not want his kids to have a mom who drinks. Basically, she realized that that was a nice way of telling her that her wife material skills were wanting. While preparing cabbage for my buddies, I happened to get carried away by the stories that I forgot the dish and it overcooked. My buddies could joke that if I did that kind of cooking to my hubby, being taken back to my parents would be an option. Yes, we think of wife material issues.

4. Family.
This includes the nuclear as well as extended family; they are all in our thoughts depending on the portion they have in our heart. For those with kids, they will think of whether they are being the best mothers, what the kid will eat, whether there are pampers, whether to stop breastfeeding the kid, among others.
The composition of a lie to tell to guardians in order to receive that mpesa message also comes up. While considering what to do, the probable reaction of family always comes to mind. For instance, when you see ladies going home with those `touch my feet’ clothes, it took them a lot of thinking because they want to seem decent to their family.

5. Friends/roommates
If you have ever shared a room, 20%of your thoughts will incorporate your roommate. When we gather in the girls’ joint, a topic of roommates will always pop up. One tells us how she received an exile letter, the other spits how hers has a traffic of men, another of the snoring tactics of the roomie, and many others. This just highlights what goes through our minds.

6. Education.
The fact that most ladies at this age are in school can’t keep away thoughts on studies. Like I have loads of assignments and it will keep hitting me till I get them submitted. Some ladies will be busy scrolling their contacts to get an ideal man who will act as their rescuer AKA `okoa jahazi’ in: doing her assignments, signing the attendance list on her behalf, act as her external memory during exams if not sitting continuous assessments tests, just to unleash a few. I forgot to mention that this ideal man is doing it free of charge with the added advantage being a hug and lots of babe and sweetheart catchphrases. Some are busy thinking of how to befriend a particular he lecturer who will not sleep until she is awarded a first class honors. Ha ha. This is no fiction!!!

7. Birthdays.
You must have heard of cases where break ups occur courtesy of a man failing to remember her birthday. Just so men know, ladies think much about this. Among the questions in their mind are: who will be the finance manager, birthday boy? Where will the venue be? Who will turn up? What presents will be brought? On that note 16th August I will be turning 20something and the dreams am having related to this are so many that I just declared them monotonous.

8. Money/jobs
We work to get dosh. The sketch of an awesome lifestyle never lacks coinage in the middle. Ladies will thus think of a job or basically where to get money. Is it from a sugar daddy, boyfriend, side hustle, parents, employment, where? Around this age, the art of digging for paper is at the finger tips; to maintain a lifestyle.

Well, at least the rain got me active in some way. Now back to thinking how my a hundred and one assignments will get done.

Hugs. The Unique Mumbi.

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